Dermaceutic Light Ceutic

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Dermaceutic Light Ceutic


Dermaceutic Light Ceutic

Skin Toning Night Cream – 8% Glycolic Acid, 4% Phytic Acid


Stimulates skin radiance and evens out the complexion. The combination of glycolic & phytic acids along with vitamin C gently exfoliates the skin and regulates the production of melanin which causes pigment spots. Light Ceutic harmonises the skin’s complexion and restores radiance.

100% of patients enjoyed using Light Ceutic, trusted its efficacy and performance and will keep using Light Ceutic after the treatment.


Suitable for:

·        Ageing skin

·        Dull skin

·        Irregular complexions




8% Glycolic Acid Solution - One of the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA or “fruit acids”), this very small molecule penetrates the skin easily. Its acidic pH accelerates the skins exfoliation by destroying the links that bind dead cells together in the keratin layer of the skin. This enables an even exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin.


4% Phytic Acid Solution – Lightening and antioxidant agent. When used with glycolic acid it helps to reduce epidermal pigmentation.


Vitamin C Complex – Considerably improves the skin’s resistance to attacks from free radicals. The vitamin C in all Dermaceutic products is stable and will not oxidise.


How to use:

Apply at night-time, after cleansing, to face and neck area’s. If using a serum apply serum first.

*Please note a suitable SPF such as Dermaceutic Sun Ceutic - SPF 50 must be worn during any sun exposure when using this product or any product containing AHA’s. Sun protection is an important part of any skin regime.


Paraben free

Fragrance free

Size: 40ml airless bottle

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