My Lip Enhancement Experience

Getting filler in my top lip is something that I have always considered. Not because I wanted the trout pout look or wanted big looking lips. I simply just wanted to even out the difference between my quite big bottom lip, and my thin top lip that used to just disappear when I smiled. Having seen some obviously badly done fillers on some people I was very apprehensive and just never really went about it: the last thing I wanted was to have lumpy fake looking lips. 

All I wanted was a nice subtle result. Having worked for a few months here at Faceworks, I have been seeing ladies walking out daily with such beautiful subtle results when getting 0.5ml of filler done by Dr. Eithne Brenner, and trust me I was looking for flaws. As with every client that walks out from the doctor, you can hardly tell what they’ve had done as she is so gentle and careful with everybody. 

So, I decided that it was the right thing for me and went ahead with it.  We chose to go ahead with 0.5ml of Restylane. The treatment itself was absolutely painless, literally I didn’t feel a thing. We applied numbing cream to my top lip area and left it to work for 30mins. The beauty of it was how Dr. Eithne performed the treatment, she didn’t just inject the filler into my lip which I’m sure is the practice of many not so experienced practitioners judging by some fillers I have previously seen. Dr. Eithne works using a cannula, which she fed though my top lip and then the cannula disperses the filler into your lip through a hole on the side of it while she is taking it back out, resulting in absolutely no bruising and zero swelling. 

Upon looking in the mirror I was delighted with how subtle and natural looking my lips where. We literally just corrected my lips, so that now the two of them are a better size. They were so perfect that I was able to be around friends that evening and they not notice that I had anything done. Completely different from my expectations before I came part of the Faceworks team, I had imagined being so swollen I would have needed to hide away. 

The next day upon waking up my lips were a slight bit swollen but nothing noticeable; I was able to go out and about the next day. By that evening they were completely normal and I am so happy that I got it done. All the anxiety I had previously had about ending up with a ‘trout pout’ look, being bruised and the treatment being painful was definitely not the case in the hands of an extremely skilled doctor like Eithne. She really listened to me when it came to the look I wanted and achieved just that. 

My advice to anybody considering having the lips enhanced is that once you’re in the hands of the right practitioner, in a safe environment, using the right products, to go for it. 

See above for before and after images of a client who very kindly allowed us to show her fantastic results after receiving lip filler treatment.