Lips are a focal point of our face, contributing to attractiveness and sensuality. They are important for facial expression,communication, eating and or course kissing! We all have different lip shape and volume, and over time these features can gradually change. With age, the lips almost `deflate`, losing the youthful, plump shape and fullness that we once had. The upper lip, in particular, is more prone to these signs of ageing.We can lose definition of the lip border, and may develop small vertical lines above the top lip, called "bar code lines" or "smokers lines" ( although they develop in non-smokers too!). Some of us have thin lips to start with,and over time they can almost disappear.

Lip enhancement, volumising, or shaping is a cosmetic procedure which uses hyaluronic acid to plump out and re-shape the lips.At Faceworks, we customise the result for each person: some people want a very subtle result, while others want a fuller result.If you are unsure, our advice is "less is more",and a small amount can be tried first, adding more a month or so later if desired. A "trout-pout" look is never attractive as it can be caused by too thick a filler, too much filler,or incorrect placement, and doesn't look natural or soft, so we won't suggest that!

Lip enhancement is done with very small injections of hyaluronic acid filler along the lip border or in the body of the lip to define the borders and add volume and shape as needed. Every person is different, so we spend time asking about your concerns and wishes.Lip work can be very subtle or more dramatic depending on what you want to achieve.

Decades ago, collagen was the only product available for lip enhancement, but we now mainly use hyaluronic acid, as it is natural, gentle and is reversible in the highly unlikely event that you don't like the effect. Hyaluronic acid is long-lasting and more natural. We do not use permanent fillers at Faceworks, as your face changes over time, and what might suit now, may be different in five years time as your face changes.Temporary fillers are safer and they slowly dissolve naturally over several months.

Lip enhancement is performed using numbing cream, and the lips are cleaned with an antiseptic. An ice-pack is applied to the lips before injection which also helps reduce any discomfort. We use a very fine small needle or cannula  which is gentle and minimises the small chance of getting a bruise.The filler also contains lidocaine, a local anaesthetic medicine, which further helps to reduce discomfort. Most people tolerate lip filler very well, and describe the discomfort as "very mild".  If you are very nervous, Dr Brenner can do a dental block, (an injection of local anaesthetic inside the mouth, like at the dentist)to help.

Lip enhancement is very personalised to your wishes and can be used in a number of ways:

·         To enhance the 'Cupid's Bow' - the curve of your lip at the centre of the top lip.
·         To define the lip contour (vermillion border), the slightly darker border around the edge of your lip.
·         To achieve fuller, more sensuous lips.
·         To soften vertical upper lip lines (often called bar code lines or smokers lines).

Lip enhancement can give you a more defined smile, prevent lipstick bleeding, provide support around the mouth, enhance your overall appearance, can turn the corners of the mouth upwards to create a happier expression, and can make you look more refreshed.

We use hyaluronic acid  (bio compatible) dermal fillers for lip enhancement procedures: these are soft gentle products, and are also long-lasting and look natural. Hyaluronic acid fillers are excellent products which have been in use for over 20 years, and have an impressive safety and efficacy profile. Some swelling after lip fillers is common and can last 1-3 days, or up to seven days rarely. We use an ice pack during the procedure, and use a tiny needle or cannula to inject the filler. We also give you an ice pack to use at home, after the filler injection. These all help to reduce swelling. If you don't want to let people know you have had lip fillers, we suggest taking the next day off work, to allow any swelling to settle down.
Bruising, which can last between 2 and 10 days can occur, but is unlikely because we use an ice pack, and again because we use a very tiny needle or cannula which is gentle.Dr Brenner is also highly experienced in lip filler techniques as she has been doing lip work for over eight years, and only rarely causes a small bruise.

Avoiding the following medicines in the week before filler can also reduce the chance of a  bruise: Ibuprofen,Aspirin, Fish Oils, Evening Primrose Oil,Ginkgo Biloba, St. John's Wort-if unsure, please ask us.

A single treatment every 6-12 months can maintain your results.We can inject a small amount of filler if you want a subtle result, and this can be added to later if desired.

At your lip enhancement appointment Dr Brenner will ask what you would like to achieve with the treatment. Feel free to bring photos of yourself, showing what you want to re-create, or bring photos of someone whose lips you like. Dr Brenner will explain the procedure, and what might suit, taking into account your age, lip shape, face shape,teeth,past treatment, etc. Not everyone is suitable for "Angelina Jolie" lips!

She will take before and after photos( these are kept strictly private, as per Facework's Data Protection Policy). She will then run through the risks and benefits of the procedure, and ask you to sign a consent form.She is always happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.There is no pressure to have treatment on the day, and if you prefer you can go home and think about it.

If you are happy to proceed, a local anaesthetic cream is applied to your lips.The lips will then be cleaned with antiseptic.The injections are administered using a gentle very small needle or cannula, and the filler contains lidocaine, a local anaesthetic medicine. An ice  pack is applied during the procedure to minimise discomfort.
There are many nerve endings in your lips, so we take a number of steps to reduce discomfort, including local anaesthetic cream,an ice pack, local anaesthetic in the filler, small cannula needles, and of course, gentle technique.A dental block ( numbing injection, like at the dentist) can also be used if needed.The vast majority of people tolerate it extremely well, and find it much less uncomfortable than they expected.

Your lips will initially be a little swollen; you won't see the new shape of your lips straight away. It will take a few days for your lips to settle into their new shape. We give you an ice pack to take home to apply after the procedure. It can be re-frozen and re-used a number of times over the following day if needed. We recommend that you don't apply lipstick for at least two hours after filler.We advise against having a hot drink for two hours after the filler, as the lips can be numb and you may not notice how hot a drink is.We don't recommend exercise for that day, after the treatment. Walking is fine, but no vigorous exercise or swimming is advised for 2 days.

An after-care sheet is given, with the clinic number in case you have any questions or concerns after the procedure.

Hyaluronic Dermal Filler: