What is home micro-needling and will it help my skin?

Micro-needling is an established and successful treatment to improve the quality of the skin and stimulate your own collagen and skin repair processes. It works by using a roller or pen device containing tiny sterile needles to make several thousand microscopic holes or channels in the skin which triggers release of several growth factors, repair cells and this promotes skin regeneration and stimulates collagen and elastin fibres.

It is loved by celebrities (and the rest of us!) as it has very little down-time (mainly redness for the day after treatment), and gives great results without being too invasive or costly. In Faceworks clinic we use the Dermapen, which works at varying skin depths of 0.25 to 2.5 mm. At these levels the Dermapen is highly effective in treating acne scars, surgical or chicken pox scars, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and texture, and plumping the epidermis and deeper dermis skin layers. We add vitamin and hyaluronic acid products at the time to greatly increase their absorption by the skin, helping to give a healthy glow to the skin.

What’s the difference between home rolling and clinic rolling/Dermapen?

The home rollers we recommend are 0.3mm and these work to stimulate the top layers of the epidermis and also greatly increase the skin penetration and absorption of skincare products, increasing their effectiveness and reducing the amount of products needed for your skincare regime. You don’t need numbing cream for home rollers of 0.3mm, as they aren't deep enough to reach the pain fibres (located at 0.5 mm beneath the surface). There may be very slight redness with home rolling but it is a gentle technique with less down-time than the clinic procedures.

Clinic rolling uses deeper needle lengths under medical supervision, and these act on deeper layers of the skin, including the dermis, causing collagen stimulation, acne or scar reduction, reduction in lines and wrinkles, and therefore are stronger in their effect.

Home rolling can be used independent of any clinic procedures, and we also often recommend home rolling in between sessions of clinic rolling, to enhance the overall effects. Clinic rolling procedures have more down-time as a result of the greater needle depth, and generally your face is red and the skin feels tight on the day of the clinic dermal rolling procedure. We recommend no make-up on the day of the clinic procedure, but make up can be applied the following day.

Will home rollers reduce acne scarring?

No, home rollers do not reduce scarring as the needle depth is too superficial. For this condition we use the Dermapen in the clinic with numbing cream to eliminate discomfort, and when deeper needle lengths are used, we recommend medical supervision and particular hygiene techniques in a clinic setting.

How much do the home rollers cost?

The home kit contains a 0.3mm sterile roller, instructions, and a sterilising solution and costs €50, either from Faceworks clinic, by phone at 059 91 86774, or on line at www.faceworks.ie. We have several serum products that can be added, depending on your particular skin concerns.

How much is the clinic Dermapen procedure?

The cost is €195 for each 90 minute treatment, including a deep cleanse, numbing cream, the Dermapen procedure with serum, application of a hyaluronic and vitamin mask, and the repair SPF 50 cream. We recommend a course of four treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. The first three treatments cost €195 each and the fourth treatment is free. Additional areas, for example the neck or décolletage, can be added for €50 extra

How do I use a home roller device?

Home rollers are effective anti-ageing devices. They stimulate the top layers of the skin’s surface, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and accelerate cell renewal. They allow far greater penetration and absorption of skincare products and serums compared to just applying them onto the skin. The roller makes thousands of tiny microscopic holes or channels in the skin which stay open for about one hour. The tiny channels close after one hour. It is important not to use old or out of date products on your skin when you use the roller, to avoid infection. The roller is safe for all skin types and colour. There is no known risk of skin pigment changes with the roller. The home rollers have smaller needle lengths than the ones we use in the clinic, so you don't need numbing cream.

Don't use it if you have an active cold sore, facial infection, warts, active acne breakouts or sunburn on your face.
Don't draw blood or cause pain with this treatment, it should be very gentle.
The roller can be used on your face for two minutes, two to three times per week.
It can be used on your neck and hands for an additional two minutes, two to three times per week.
NEVER share your roller.
Dispose of your roller after 6 months as it will no longer be effective/sharp. We are happy to take back your roller and dispose of it with our clinical waste.

 Before use
Get the following items ready:
A clean towel
Your home roller
Your serum or vitamin cream.
Sterilising solution-we provide surgical spirits. Another alternative is diluted Milton sterilising fluid.
Before each use, sit the roller in about one inch of sterilising fluid in a glass for 30 minutes, rinse with water and then shake off the excess water. Wash your face and hands thoroughly and make sure you have no make-up left on your face.

 How to use
Apply the serum that has been recommended for your skin type, onto your face. Start by rolling the device gently on your forehead. Roll 4 times in each direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Use the roller with slight pressure; the treatment should not be painful and should not draw blood. You will become accustomed to how much pressure to apply without causing any discomfort.
Use the roller as part of your skin-care routine, you can roll twice a week to start with, and then build up to three times a week. Take care not to use the roller on your lips or upper eyelids as they can be sensitive. If you are using the roller on your neck or hands, use the same method as above. When you are finished rolling, you can add another layer of serum or cream if you wish.

After use
Rinse the roller in warm water and then sit it in the same sterilising fluid you used before rolling, for another 30 minutes. Rinse with water and allow it to dry. Put the roller back in its case until the next use. Never put the roller away wet, or it will rust.

Possible side-effects
Your skin is likely to redden slightly after use. This should fade within an hour. In a few people, it may last up to 24 hours. It is also possible to experience a little skin dryness or flaking after using the roller. If you do experience dryness or flaking, you can reduce the frequency of the rolling until your skin adjusts. It is important to use a sunscreen daily when you are using the roller, although we always recommend sun protection every day anyway.

It takes about 1-2 months of roller treatment twice a week to stimulate the epidermis and see visible results. This improvement will continue to occur over the following months.


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