Our new Facescan Helios Skin Analysis system has arrived at Faceworks. 

This computerised skin analyser is one of the most advanced in the world.  Our Aesthetician can now see deep into the dermal layers and perform an accurate and in-depth skin analysis to assess current skin features, and future concerns before they become visible at the skin’s surface. The analysis helps us to formulate a treatment plan to promote top skin condition and restore skin health and radiance. 

How it works:

The system takes photos of your face or hands using UV, polarised and regular light, and is used to assess existing conditions and damage to your skin. The Facescan Skin Analysis system can be used to analyse fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, pores, moisture levels, sensitivity, texture, and skin bacteria.   Based on these findings our Aesthetician will set out a treatment plan and recommend the right skin care products and treatments for you. She can also recommend treatments with Dr Brenner as needed. 

We recommend a skin analysis before and after your course of skincare and treatments so that we will be able to assess the results and benefits for your skin.

During your computerised Skin Analysis consultation with our Aesthetician you will receive the best skincare treatment plan focusing on your skins true needs, recommending products best suited to the skin concerns addressed in your personalised in-depth report. There is a €50 fee for your analysis report, but this is fee is waived when two or more products are purchased.

To book in for your very own Helios Skin Analysis, Call us on 059-9186774 or email us at info@faceworks.ie