Face veins are treated in a different way to leg veins. For the face, we apply a numbing cream to area to be treated and then use a tiny sterile needle (similar to an electrolysis needle) is touched onto the skin, to heat seal the little blood vessels. This process is called short-wave diathermy.The skin looks red for a few hours afterwards and can be disguised with concealer the following day.


Is it painful?
No, the numbing cream helps to reduce any stinging. Blood vessels around the nose can be a little sensitive though. 

What results can I expect?
The majority of thread veins on the face clear with this treatment. One to three sessions may be needed depending on how many veins there are.

What is the cost?
Each session costs €150 and is tax-allowable at 20% at year end, using a Med 1 form.
It is not covered by private insurance.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?
We don’t treat pregnant women as these face veins may clear after delivery. We don’t use this treatment if someone has a current cold sore/skin infection.