Face Peel Review by Sara Ashmore Kehoe

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and I have never had a face peel. Why did I wait so long? Like a lot of people I was a bit scared of them, thinking I was going to end up like Samantha from the famous episode in Sex and the City! Thankfully, this definitely isn’t the case with the Dermaceutic milk peel.

I recently visited Faceworks aesthetic clinic in Shamrock Plaza, Carlow to review the Dermaceutic milk peel. Faceworks offer advanced cosmetic treatments and specialise in results-driven anti-ageing treatments. My first impressions of this clinic are really good, it’s clean and professional and Dr Brenner and Senior Aesthetician Grace O’Grady are very knowledgeable, approachable and welcoming.

I first went to the clinic for a detailed consultation along with a full explanation and to check for suitability for the treatment. The client is given two pre-peel preparation Dermaceutic products to prepare the skin for the peel, which need to be used for at least ten days before the first peel. Peels are categorised according to their depth: superficial, medium and deep. Some of the benefits of milk peels are skin lightening, oil regulation, skin radiance and they boost the actions of daily cosmetics. Face peels are the answer for anyone before turning to more invasive methods to achieve youthful looking skin.

My treatment was with Grace and it involved combining medical grade peel with Dermaceutic cosmeceutical products. The milk peel is a superficial peel which will lighten dull, sallow complexions, surface pigmentation and blemishes. My treatment was an hour in total which included a cleanse, relaxing face and scalp massage, milk peel and mask. The milk peel contains 50% glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid. It derives its name from lactic acid which is a gentle alpha hydroxyl acid derived from milk and yogurt products. AHA’s (Alpha Hydra Acids) is a multi-tasking ingredient. You are missing out if you are not using them. AHA’s are natural exfoliants which leave your skin texture smoother and promote cell turnover. When the peel is applied, you will feel it tingling as the product is working and in some cases there will be some heat. Everyone’s skin reacts to the sensation differently, I found it mild but this will depend on how your skin reacts to active ingredients and how it is prepped before the peel. Grace used a fan to cool the sting and this made a huge difference making it completely bearable; as soon as it was removed a few minutes later the stinging sensation was gone. I fully expected to be as red as a lobster, but no, there was no down time, no redness and my skin did look a little brighter and smoother straight away.

It’s important to remember that the results of peels aren’t instant, the results are progressive. I have had two peels and the benefits are cumulative; a course of four is recommended. Already I can see the benefits so it is something that after 20 years I will be adding to my skincare routine!

Faceworks also have a computerised skin analysis which digitally scans your face, examining it for, UV damage, pore size, wrinkles, pigmentation etc. The detailed report will help faceworks tailor a treatment plan specific to your skin needs.