Appointment with Dr Brenner: Your initial consultation with Dr Brenner is forty five minutes long, and is an opportunity to discuss your concerns and what you would like to achieve with treatment. We all have different concerns, and can feel a bit vulnerable discussing what we don’t like about our faces and the ageing process, so she aims to be as approachable and supportive as possible!

Dr Brenner will assess you, and take photos, which are kept strictly confidential. She will go through various treatment options, including the expected benefits and risks, and will give you suggestions based on your wishes and goals, suitability, possible downtime, and of course, budget.

None of us ages overnight, so the remedy is not instant, and treatment plans are often spread out over several months, to achieve a natural subtle result, rather than doing too much too soon. You can bring photos of yourself, showing features you do or don’t like, or photos showing what you previously looked like. Some people also bring a celebrity photo- Scarlett Johansson’s lips feature quite often!

 Feel free to come wearing make-up. If you are having skin analysis, or treatment on the day, we do remove make-up, but will touch it up before you leave if you wish. If you prefer to bring your own foundation, please make sure it is a new product, as we want to keep the risk of any skin infection to an absolute minimum after treatment.

It helps us if you have done some preparation before your visit, for example, by having a detailed look at our website, to see what treatments you might be interested in, and what you might be nervous of- often people are afraid they will look “different”, or “over-done” or get “trout-pout lips”, so we spend time discussing all of this. We will never suggest a treatment that you don’t need, or are not suitable for.

It is also helpful for us to know if you are willing to have some downtime or not: e.g. light facial peels have no social downtime, while medium peels need a few days downtime with flaking and redness. We don’t recommend dermal filler treatment within a few days of a big wedding/event in case you get bruising or swelling after treatment. Lip enhancement can result in some swelling so you may want to take the next day off. Each treatment section on our website has lots of details of what to expect, and what aftercare is needed. Feel free to call us for further information if you need to.

After your consultation, you may want to go home and think about treatment. There is never any pressure to have a procedure.

We charge €50 for the consultation with Dr Brenner, payable at time of booking.

If you have treatment with Dr Brenner on the day, you won't be charged the €50 consultation fee, and you pay the treatment cost only.

Some treatments and products are tax-allowable at 20% (e.g. treatment of hyperhidrosis (severe underarm sweating), correction of skin defects/ scars, acne, rosacea, etc., and we will give you a Med 1 Form for Revenue, with your receipt. Some treatments (e.g. removal of skin lesions/tags/warts, etc.) may be covered by Private Health Insurance: we will give details during your consultation, once we have assessed you. Please bring your Insurance Policy details with you.

Please note: after certain procedure such as Dermapen, facial peels or some dermal fillers, we prefer if you can avoid putting on any make up for six hours after treatment.

Please note: if you have a current cold sore/skin infection/fever/cold/flu/are on antibiotics, we cannot treat you on the day, as there is a risk of spreading infection, even if it is somewhere else on your face/body.

As some treatments can take up to an hour, please don’t bring small kids as they get bored and restless!

Skin Analysis Appointment with our  Aesthetician: Your initial consultation with our Aesthetician is thirty minutes long. Our Aesthetician will remove make up and cleanse your face. She uses our very own Helios Computerised Facial Skin Analysis Machine to assess your skin, and will recommend treatments based on your skin concerns and your analysis. The skin analysis shows surface and sub-surface conditions, such as pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles, pores, and blood vessel changes, which help to tailor treatments and skincare and monitor progress. Our Aesthetician will give you a printed analysis report to take home with you, and we keep a copy for future visits. These pictures are kept strictly confidential and are stored securely, and never shared with anyone, without your written consent.

Consultation fee for assessment and Helios Computerised Facial Skin Analysis with our Aesthetician is €50, redeemable against treatment or products purchased on the day of consultation.

We accept payment by cash, credit/debit cards, One4All vouchers and Faceworks vouchers. We don’t accept cheques. We also have a savings club called Skin Candy which can help spread payments, and offers discounts on skincare. Receipts are issued on the day only.

Cancellation policy : As we book individualised long consultation times to ensure the best treatment in a non-hurried environment, we take credit card details to make the booking. We strongly request that you call at least 48 hours in advance of an appointment if you need to change or cancel it, so that we can then offer that appointment slot to someone else.  If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment, you will forfeit your €50 deposit