What is Combination skin

Combination skin is just what the name implies—skin that is a combination of both dry and oily types. If you drew a big “T” on your face, all the skin under that T would likely be oily and acne-prone, while the areas left outside the T are dry and potentially flaky. That’s why we use the term “T-zone” when referring to those with combination skin.

Combination skin also means that you may have fine lines and wrinkles and shininess and breakouts at the same time. You may also experience rosacea on your cheeks and large pores on your nose.
Of course this combination of characteristics and problems can make combination skin particularly difficult to deal with.

How is this skin type treated

The trick to this skin type is balance! Treat the affected areas with the correct products , If your nose is oily and the sides of your face are dry use a toner on your nose only and a light weight moisturiser to give the rest of your skin the hydration it needs. 

Treatments advised 

Recommended Skincare products for Combination skin