Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle treatment refers to a muscle relaxant treatment with a purified protein, injected into specific facial muscles that cause wrinkles and expression lines.

Because anti-wrinkle injections are a prescription-only medicine, our resident doctor Eithne Brenner needs to see you to assess your suitability for this treatment. In Ireland, only doctors and dentists are allowed to administer these treatments. At Faceworks we only use the top brand products with proven safety and results.

Dr Brenner is a highly experienced doctor who has performed thousands of aesthetic treatments over the last eight years. She is on the Specialist Register at the Irish Medical Council (12961), and is registered with a license to practice in the UK, with the General Medical Council (3500974).

At your appointment, she will discuss in great detail your skin concerns and she will be able to advise if you are a suitable candidate for anti-wrinkle injections. Dr Brenner will advise what the full cost of the treatment will be and the aftercare required.

The consultation fee for assessment is €50.

There is no obligation to have treatment on the day of your consultation.

Some people are happy to proceed with treatment on the day, others prefer to go home and have a think about it.

If you have treatment on the day of your consultation with Dr Brenner, the €50 fee is redeemable against the treatment.

Dr Brenner administers a series of tiny injections, which are like a small sting-sensation for a second or two. She uses an ice-pack to reduce the discomfort ( and reduce the risk of a tiny bruise), and can use numbing cream if desired.The treatment starts to work after 1-3 days, and can take 10-14 days to see the full effect.

The muscle movement in the treated areas reduces, and the overlying skin smooths out. This is a temporary procedure and results will last for approximately three to five months and it wears off gradually. In some people the results can last a longer or shorter time, as individuals differ in their response to the medicine. The results can be subtle and natural, or more dramatic, depending on personal preferences. Some people prefer to retain some movement, whereas others prefer not to. Dr Brenner discusses this with everyone beforehand to tailor the treatment for each person's suitability and preferences.

The following areas can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections:

 Forehead lines.

 Frown lines between the eyebrows.

 Crows feet lines.

 Eyebrow shaping/lifting. 

Bunny lines (scrunch lines at the side of the upper nose).

 Gummy smile

 "Smokers' lines"/Lip lines

 Dimpled chin

 Marionette lines (lines from the corner of the mouth down towards the chin)

Platysmal bands ( called neck bands).


The prices for anti-wrinkle injections are as follows:

One area treated Female: €265 Male: €295 (for example both crows feet areas)

Two areas treated Female: €320 Male: €355 (for example forehead, and frown lines between the eyebrows)

Three areas treatedFemale: €385 Male: €425(for example crows feet lines, forehead, and frown lines between the eyebrows)

Extra small area treated at the same time as one of the above treatments, for example "smokers' lines" above top lip, lifting the outer corner of the eyebrows, or marionette lines, add €50 to the above costs.