We offer a full range of services for acne treatment that begin with a consultation with Dr. Brenner. From prescription medication to an excellent skin care range to improve acne, peels & scarring reduction, we have a range of treatment options to suit.

What is acne?
Acne vulgaris is a very common skin condition that usually starts in teenagers. It is characterised by blackheads, whiteheads, pus-filled spots and oily skin. The acne bacterium (propionobacterium acnes) can multiply in those prone to acne. This triggers inflammation and the formation of red pus-filled spots. For the majority it tends to resolve in the late teens or twenties but for some patients acne can persist for many years.

How can acne be treated?
Acne treatments fall into several categories:

  • Topical treatments that are applied directly to the skin- these are very effective if used correctly for mild to moderate acne.
  • Oral antibiotics (tablets that are taken by mouth)
  • Oral contraceptive pill (female patients only)
  • Roaccutane (by prescription and consultation for suitability)
  • Other treatments. These including Laser/ IPL and chemical peels. These are extremely effective for mild to moderate acne but may require several treatments over a period of time.

Post-acne scarring: Laser resurfacing of facial skin or phenol peeling to reduce post-acne scarring are established techniques requiring the skill of an experienced technician and medical doctor. These would be required for moderate to severe acne scarring. Dermarolling and Dermapen are popular treatments for mild to moderate acne scarring and gives very good results after a few months.

Treatments Available

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